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Who is Miss Mustard

...And what makes her treats so sweet?

Hello Joss Mustard here, let's have a cookie, cuppa and chat!

  I'm Owner and Crumb Master of Miss Mustard's Sweet Treats, also a lover of cookies, conversation, dad jokes,

my dog Kash, kind hospitality and making anyone I talk to smile. 

Miss Mustard's Sweet Treats has been baked using the perfect recipe of all the things love as ingredients, creating a crumbelievable cookie that makes your soul sing!

Miss Mustard's your friendly Cookie Bakeshop that serve small batch cookies, always with a smile. Using homemade jams and fudges to create a beautiful mixed batch of classics, childhood favourites and flavourful delights. Baked in a happy and fun loving kitchen, every crumb of these free range cookies will have you down a happy dance. I have a crispy chewy crumb for everyone...Vegan and Gluten Friendly crumbs too. 

It's about more than cookies, designed to feed your celebrations and conversations.

There is no such thing as just one bite, they will leave you want more! (trust me...I eat a cookie each day)

Though that's not a bad thing when it comes to my cookies, because each bite goes to a good cause.

My love of making other smile is not just done with moreish mouthful, $2 from every order goes to support mental health organisation through Miss Mustard's 'OK CoOKie' program. Using cookies to give back what they have given to me!

Struggling with mental health issues, baking became my outlet. It gave me a way to communicate feelings and emotions when I did not have the word to express how I was really doing on the inside, it became my tool.

There is no better way to make yourself smile then making other smile, and watching faces light-up with one bite helped me understand the power of communication and brought the smile back into my heart.


After 14 years of working in the hospitality industry, it clicked that even a simple chat could change someone day or life. The purpose of Miss Mustard's is create the perfect setting for you to enjoy a Cookie, a Cuppa and Chat with the ones you love, in your workplace, as a thank you or someone new. Taking five to check in is a simple thing that can make the biggest impact, and I am here to help you make someone's day.  



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