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*During December each pack will be made up with a mix of 4 Holiday Crew flavours.

Flavours that may be included

– Choc chip candy cane

-Ginger Caramel  Choc Swirl 

-Strawberry Lavender Pavlova

-Cherry Cheesecake

Caramel Fruit mince*


-Candy Cane Brownie

-Choc orange

-Mango Passionfruit Pav*

-Rocky Road*

(*contains nuts)

The best little pack is here with none of the stress and all of the cheer. When you need a little lift or a quick gift, let Miss Mustard bake you the perfect batch. 


The Chat Pack is an assorted mixed 4 pack made up of  Core Crew picked by your local Crumb Master Miss Mustard. 





Chat Pack-4 pack

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